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Custom Electronics:

    Stonepath product development personnel are unequaled.  Stonepath technical staff are well versed in the areas of analog, digital and micro-controller based solutions.  Its goal is to provide its clients with simple, inexpensive, reliable designs for commercial, Industrial, Automotive or Military applications.  Its capabilities range from ultra high precision power supplies for low and high voltage as well as low and high power applications.

Power Converter Design Capability:

1.  High voltage , high power, Ultra low noise high frequency power supplies with the lowest stored energy in the market.  For example 13 Kilo volt, 1.3 Amp, Klystron power supply with stored energy less than 8 joules, equivalent switching frequency poly-phase switched 720kHz, fault shut down less than 100 micro-seconds. Working with high power poly-phase switching technology over 10 years ago, a pioneer in the industry.

2.  The only company that has a power factor corrected power supply design, that uses a single power transistor and UCC3842 type simple switch device as the controller.

3.  Developed modulators switching up to 600 amp and 3500V in 100ns, with full short circuit protection, over temperature and pulse framing. The active switch can not be damaged even with a hard short applied directly across its output terminals.

4.  Low cost bi-directional power converters for AC to AC, AC to DC, DC top AC conversion with input voltages to 30kV, switching frequencies to 100kHz. This was a universal bi-directional power converter, DSP controlled for a customer's special application.

5.  Ultra stable power supplies up to 30kW with better than 10ppm per 8 hour variation.

6.  Development of power supplies for CW or pulsed TWT, Klystron, EIA, EIO microwave amplifiers and other custom applications.


Download PDF Summary:  Stonepath Summary


   Stonepath offer consulting services  to resolve clients inhouse design issues with their products. Often it is found that 99% of our cleints designs are correct with only one or two minor problem areas.


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