Stonepath Power Systems Ltd.

We come from the belief there is a simple solution.
It's just not obvious!


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STONEPATH POWER SYSTEMS LTD. was amalgamated on 24th June 2012 making it part of Vagary Solutions International Inc., whom now offers the technologies described in these webpages.

    Stonepath design team provides solutions that are simple and easily implemented. They are drawn from many areas of technology and industry and often are a new combination of well-understood processes. Our strength is the ability to approach the problem from all directions even those that are "not the way it should be done". Approaching a problem from all directions, including those often rejected, offers insights and opportunities that have been over looked, often just requiring a resolution to a problem to make it a viable alternative.

   Stonepath provides solutions in power converter and power supplies from low to very high power. click here for more information: Custom Power Supply Solutions




  Last revised 16 September 2012